120 Outfit Captions For Intagram And Quotes

Can’t find a caption or quote for your social media post? We know it is a little bit difficult but we made it easy for you. Here you will find the best collection of outfit captions and outfit quotes for Instagram and other social media profiles.

When you think to upload a picture on social media wearing your new outfit then you need a suitable caption or quote. Without a caption or quote, people will not show interest in your picture. So, read the article and pick the best caption or quote of your choice.

Outfit Captions

These are some captions about outfits.

  • Wear an unusual accessory to complete your outfit.-Chelsea Leyland
  • If India is a canvas, a lehenga is the art.
  • When in doubt, overdress.
  • The pleasure of dressing is in sporting an Indian gown!
  • My wardrobe is now all black and I’m totally OK with it.
  • Could I be wearing any more garments?
  • Dear western outfits, try out all you need but I bring out her true elegance and beauty. Yours truly, Saree.
  • Strike the right balance between your outfit and makeup. Make a statement with one, not both.-Madeline Zima
  • A kurta is its own kind of beautiful.
  • With only one bag, you can change your outfit completely.-Sonia Rykiel
  • I may not know how to make aloo paratha, but I can certainly rock a lehenga like a pro!
  • Life is better if you are laughing.

Funny Outfit Captions

Funny Outfit Captions
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These are some funny captions about outfits.

  • “To be noticed without striving to be noticed, this is what elegance is about.” – Luciano Barbera
  • The thing I love about a lehenga is that unlike a gown, every girl looks good in it, no matter what skin-tone, shape, size, or budget she has!
  • Sweater weather is better together.
  • Them: How are you? Me: Feeling dark
  • Cute accessories always help bring out your outfit and pull it all together.-Ciara
  • I like my money where I can see it. Hanging around my waist!
  • Be of you and not one of these.
  • “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” – Orson Welles
  • There’s such a lot of dark to each story — nothing is so highly contrasting.
  • “Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” — Bo Derek
  • Dress how you want to be addressed.
  • She finds clearly, thinks in grays, however cherishes in shading.

Best Outfit Captions

These are the best captions about outfits.

  • Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it.
  • Keep in mind the force of a decent outfit.
  • No matter how many shorts or strapless minis an Indian girl wears, deep down she’ll always be a cute desi girl in an Anarkali!
  • There’s no need to dress like everyone else. It’s much more fun to create your own look.-Twiggy
  • “Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.” – Gay Talese
  • Create your own visual style… Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
  • Flaunting my Indian-ness…
  • “Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” – Epictetus
  • Indian clothing is always the best of what I might wear!
  • Awful vibes simply don’t go with my fashion.

Outfit Quotes

These are some quotes about outfits.

  • Wearing traditional clothes is a way of letting the world know who I am without having to say it.
  • As far as a lehenga is concerned, Robert Venturi was right: more is more and less is a bore!
  • In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.
  • Obtained that desi feeling!
  • The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence
  • Allow the Indian-ness reveal!
  • “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” – Oscar Wilde
  • This should be the ill defined situation everybody was discussing.
  • Wish I could wear my fall wardrobe year-round.
  • The right pair of shoes can change the feel of an outfit, and even change how a woman feels about herself.-Fergie

Final Words

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